Welcome to Skelligs Rock Cruises, where we will provide you with unforgettable experiences on your trip to the Skelligs. Since 1989, we’ve been weaving tales of adventure and awe as we navigate the stunning Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with the less spoken of, yet equally fascinating Small Skelligs (Irish: Sceilig Bheag), home to the second-largest Gannet sanctuary in the world.

Our commitment goes beyond a boat trip; it’s about curating an experience. We don’t just ferry you to the Skelligs; we immerse you in the journey. From safety instructions to island insights, we ensure every moment is enriching. We’re not just guides; we’re storytellers, revealing the wonders of the Skelligs in a way that lingers long after the journey ends.

Quality Assurance: Your feedback shapes our evolution. We seek insights from our customers and draw inspiration from best practices in the tourism industry to continually enhance our offerings. We appreciate that we may not be able to please everyone on our trip, but we will try our best. If you have an issue during the trip, let us know, and we will do our utmost to help you and understand your concerns.

Unique Features: Beyond the rugged beauty of the Skelligs, our cruises showcase a thriving ecosystem – from seabirds to the iconic Skellig Puffin and the monumental Gannet Sanctuary on Small Skelligs.

Connecting with Us: While the sheer volume of travelers may limit direct connections, your journey with us is just a click away. Explore the Skelligs through our lens on social media and share your tales.

Customer Feedback: Your words matter. We appreciate and respond to every piece of feedback, ensuring your voice shapes our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Embark on a Traveler’s Odyssey with Us: Let us at Skelligs Rock Cruises carry you into the mystic that is Skellig Islands and the Atlantic Ocean, both so intertwined that you cannot separate them. The journey taken by each individual will be a new chapter in their travel and one that will last forever in your memory.